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I have been studying since an early age. My journey took me from the lands of Canada to Australia, India, Peru and Bali where I was able to study with many teachers and Indigenous cultures. In those places, I was taught many meditation and healing practices. I have worked with children and their families in the school system for many years sharing my wisdom.I offer one on one, group and day programs.

It is so important to just BE. To accept yourself. Let me show you how.

Divine Connection sessions

Facilitating healing journeys
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Want to have someone to listen and support you to find your own answers? Let's tune in together.
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Tuning into Inner NatureWalk slowly in Nature to regain a sense of peace and connection.
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Meditating with Children

Exploring different ways to be with your beautiful heart.
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Meditating with Adults

Come sit with me.
I'll teach you how to go within.
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Susan Mora Matthews

Spending time with Sue

Spend time learning how to be with you.
Faciliating your healing journey to have a deeper connection with yourself.
Meditation (in person, in nature or virtually) Learn how to deeply connect with you.

Being. Just being,

nothing to do,

nothing to achieve,

just resting in your being.